This database includes 140 unique faces representing eight different racial groups (Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian, Hispanic/Latinx, White, Multiracial, and Multiracial Asian). Furthermore, stimuli include faces that depict neutral and smiling faces and profiles. Lastly, stimuli include the target's self-reported age, gender, and racial identification.

Photos can be used for the following purposes: educational use in the classroom, research stimuli, and example stimuli in presentations or publications. Any other use of these photos is in violation of the participants' waiver and authorization for use of these images.

Please use the following citation when using these images:

Meyers, C., Garay, M., & Pauker, K. (2023, September 1). Hawai‘i Face Database: A racially and ethnically diverse set of facial stimuli. Retrieved from

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